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Chairman's Message

Hon. Terry Hatter Jr. | Chairman

Project Restore was established in 1986 to recapture the splendor of the Public Works Session Room in Los Angeles City Hall by replicating the original wooden pews which had been removed.


Project Restore’s unique public-private partnership has allowed us to successfully restore historic city landmarks which play unique roles as centerpieces of our city’s history. As emblems of city pride, they showcase the best architectural talents of their time. After completing the $4.5 million restoration of the historic Hollyhock House, a crown jewel of Los Angeles architecture designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, Project Restore has embarked on the restoration of Residence A – which was also designed by Mr. Wright.


Our ongoing efforts on behalf of the City have led us on our newest endeavors to restore the decorative paint and ceiling murals in Los Angeles City Hall, the work of two famous artisans – Anthony Heinsbergen and Herman Sachs. Although much work has already been completed since the building reopened, a great deal more remains to be done as the building ages and the irreplaceable, historic painted ceilings and murals are deteriorating.


Project Restore remains committed to preserving Los Angeles history, architecture and culture.


I invite you to visit Project Restore and monitor our progress and share my excitement about what lies in the years ahead. Together we can continue to preserve our heritage for many generations to come!


Hon. Terry J. Hatter, Jr.


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